Kriol Global Foundation is a nonprofit organization designed to provide support and resources for under served areas in Cape Verde. Kriol Global Foundation establishes relationships with local leaders and the community for the best areas of impact. Portion of all profits from Kriol Global go to the Kriol Global Foundation. We are currently focused on developing Fogo 2020 project for the undeserved area of Saō Jorgé; Fogo, Cape Verde.

Fogo  2020 – School Fundamentals and Technology Drive

Kriol Global Foundation is working with local teachers to understand where we can have the most impact.

Our School Fundamentals focuses on improving the day to day learning and teaching conditions of the facility. This may be a new roof, renovating a bathroom or solar panels to provide air conditioning for students.

The Technology Drive focuses on improving and introducing uses of technology.  We will work together with teachers to make assessments of improvements that can achieved. Ideas can be improving or providing WiFi or providing technology for the teachers and students to leverage.

Kriol Global Foundation was started as a social pillar within Kriol Global Inc., is an Import/Export company that specializes in providing consumers with fair and ethical trade. We are building a global platform which allows dynamic connection for Cape Verdean businesses. Kriol Global’s mission is to create a global cohort of Cape Verdean owned businesses that engage in a strong network of sales and community service.